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Welcome to on-campus housing at Dixie State University!


The Housing and Resident Life department strives to foster a living environment conducive to learning, engagement, and student success. Our on-campus student housing community features a variety of complexes for you to LIVE in. Whether you live in the dormitories or apartments, a shared or private room, you will find interactive live-in staff who are here to assist and help you succeed.


Take advantage of your opportunity to LEARN. Go to class every day, participate, study regularly, and you will be equipped to perform well academically. If you are falling behind, talk to someone. Students in need of academic support will find many who are willing to help them get back on track.


We encourage our residents to BE involved! There are many engaging opportunities for students to enhance their higher education experience outside of the classroom. Activities, clubs, leadership positions, and community events are a few examples of student involvement opportunities. Studies repeatedly show that involved students are happier, healthier, and achieve higher academic results.


YOU and your higher education experience are important to us! If we can do better at providing services, or, if you have an idea how we can enhance the on-campus housing experience, share your thoughts with a live-in or Housing Office staff member. Let’s work together to make your experience ‘The Best Education Under the Sun’!