About DSU Housing

About DSU Housing

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community by serving as the bridge between the student’s educational and personal life.

Our Values

  • Working as a team and caring as a family at all organizational levels
  • Respect, integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct among ourselves and those we serve
  • Valuing diversity in our staff, among our students, and across our campus
  • Commitment to giving our individual and departmental best
  • Safety through personal awareness and responsibility
  • Individual responsibility and accountability for our duties and actions
  • Providing helpful service to our students, their families, and other campus departments
  • Creatively seeking solutions that will encourage academic success and positive community involvement

Our Vision

  • Open, honest, and effective communication
  • Consistency in how we approach student conduct, through appropriate training and information sharing
  • Availability to students at all times
  • Providing the needed resources to promote student achievement
  • Gaining a more positive attitude and reputation by and through our actions
  • Being a good campus partner through increasing our familiarity, providing resources, and keeping the students’ needs our priority

Core Objectives

Responsibility – Student Involvement – Leadership – Academic Success