Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Meal Plans at Dixie State University:

There are many great dining options on campus. Students may either select one of the structured meal plan options (required for students at Nisson Towers or Shiloh Hall) or create a custom meal plan that may be used at all dining locations, concession stands, and convenience stores. Having a meal plan enables more time for studying and socializing; eating on campus is a convenient way to free-up one’s schedule by eliminating time spent shopping, cooking, and washing dishes. Meal plans are structured as a “declining balance”. Once the meal plan amount is determined, that amount is put on a student’s account and each purchase is deducted from the total. Meal Plans may not be used at the College Store.

Meal Plans for Dormitory Living:

Students living in Nisson Towers or Shiloh Hall are required to purchase a meal plan each semester since kitchen facilities are not available in those living communities. They may choose from one of the four meal plan options in the table below and may switch to a different meal plan mid-year.  Residents of Nisson Towers and Shiloh Hall who do not notify Dining Services of their preference will default to Meal Plan A.  Students may change their meal plan chose during the first week of classes for both Fall and Spring semesters.

Meal Plan A

Approximately $61 per week

Total of $1049

Meal Plan B

Approximately $79 per week

Total of $1349

Meal Plan C

Default Meal Plan

Approximately $85 per week

Total of $1449:

Meal Plan D

Approximately $109 per week

Total of $1849

Meal Plans for Apartment Living Both On and Off Campus:

Students living in an apartment, whether on or off campus, are strongly encouraged to purchase a Meal Plan. With the exception of students living at Nisson Towers or Shiloh Hall, students living in apartments may create their own Meal Plan amount by making arrangements with the Dining Services or Housing departments.

Selecting the right meal plan for you:

When selecting a meal plan, consider your schedule and routine. Do you need to have three squares a day to keep up your fitness and exercise routine? Or are you a light-meal/snacking type? Are you an early riser? Or is sleeping in more your reality? Take the time to figure out what meal plan best meets your lifestyle, and then let us take care of the rest.
Average Price Per Meal
Breakfast – $4.51
Lunch – $6.15
Dinner – $6.05

More Information:

For more information regarding meal plans and on-campus dining options, please go to the Dining Services website by clicking the button below.